Health Diet Foods – Three Top 10 Best Foods For Protein, Carbs, and Fat

Healthy Diet Foods are essential for your weight loss success. Before I jump into this triple feature top 10 list of the best health diet foods I want to go over a few things, some general guidelines. First off, many people who are afraid of getting into the same eating routine often approach me. They ask if it is possible to create a wide variety of foods to fill out their diets. The answer is yes, but coming from personal experience, I eat the same foods every week. I have about 10 different meals that I absolutely love and have eaten them regularly for 5+ years and it has never gotten old or boring. These health diet foods are very high in nutritional value and supply me with everything I need and it is varied enough. Now, it isn’t set in stone, if you wish to expand your combination of meals to 20 or even 30 different meals feel free to do so.

About the lists

I have broken the list into 3 categories. The top 10 in protein, the top 10 in carbs and the top 10 in fat. Feel free to mix and match these 10 foods for each category in any way you wish. As with any diet, you want to keep a close eye on your calorie intake. I wont go into how many calories you should consume as it is different for everyone. I recommend a simple Google search for “calorie intake guide”. That should yield a helpful guide to your personal calorie intake. Below is the 3 lists of Health Diet Foods starting with Proteins

Top 10 Protein Foods

1. Chicken (without skin)

2. Turkey (without skin)

3. Lean cuts of beef

4. Lean cuts of pork

5. Lean cuts of lamb

6. Lean cuts of veal


8. Egg whites

9. Tuna fish

10. Salmon

Top 10 Carb Foods

1. Brown Rice

2. 100% whole wheat bread

3. 100% whole wheat bagels

4. 100% whole wheat pita bread

5. Whole wheat/whole grain pasta

6. Sweet potatoes

7. Yams

8. Oatmeal

9. Buckwheat

10. Bulgur

Top 10 Foods for Fat

Keep in mind these Health Diet Foods on this list aren’t High in fat, they are the good kind of fat at the right levels

1. Salmon

2. Mackerel

3. Herring

4. Anchovies

5. Sardines

6. Scallops

7. Halibut

8. Fish oil supplements (I use this brand)

9. Peanuts

10. Almonds

There you go, that is a solid start to healthy diet foods you can focus on. With this clear list you can mix and match all the different meals you want. In fact, if my math is correct there are more than 1000 of combinations with this list alone. There are plenty of other health foods these are just those that suite my personal criteria. Creating a diet plan and following effective exercising rituals are great ways to lose weight and keep it off. I want to take a minute to talk about detoxification diets.

Detoxification diets aren’t exactly health diet foods but they do provide a quick effective method to lose weight fast. In fact you can start seeing dramatic results within a week. I recommend a great detox diet before you start your life long weight loss routine. If you are interested in a fast acting detox diet I know of a very effective one which you can find within the two links below.

How to Construct and Maintain a Healthful Diet for Arthritis

As with any chronic condition, arthritis requires that you pay special attention to following a healthful diet for arthritis. Doing so can help you attain a better quality of life, while reducing pain and avoiding some of the complications of brittle, weak bones and joints. Some of the components of such a healthy diet for arthritis apply to everyone, even those not suffering from arthritis, while there are some dietary practices that are of particular help to arthritis patients. Let’s take a look at how you can help yourself to feel better and enjoy every day to the fullest.

One of the most common problems for arthritis patients is being overweight. Arthritis is a painful condition, one that does not make you want to go out and exercise. The catch-22 here is that if you are overweight and have arthritis, the extra weight puts undue stress on the weight-bearing joints, particularly in the hip and knee joints. An important consideration in a healthy diet for arthritis is making an effort to reduce your sugar, fat, sodium and cholesterol intake. This not only helps you reduce weight, but also benefits you if you have HBP and/or heart disease? Which, incidentally, is common among arthritis patients.

As a general rule of thumb, when you plan your menus, include a variety of foods, paying particular attention to high-fiber foods? In other words, eat plenty of produce and whole grain breads and cereals. Instead of whole milk, cheese or yogurt, choose the low-fat versions of these foods. Fish, poultry and lean meats are your best choices. Beans and other legumes are especially high in fiber. Among your choices in fruits, make berries prominent in your selections. Almost all berries are anti-inflammatory, a definite plus in a good diet for arthritis. Cherries are another good choice in fruits and are also anti-inflammatory.

Serve smaller portions than you’re used to? Cutting down on portions of gravy, desserts and the like is not only better for you, but it helps you lose weight as well. If you enjoy alcoholic beverages, do so in moderation.

Arthritis patients sometimes tend to avoid preparing certain foods, such as fruits and veggies, due to painful joints in the hands. Making use of some of the new, small kitchen appliances can take some of the work? And pain? Out of the equation.

Work with your physician and/or a nutritionist in developing your individual diet for arthritis, as your physician will take into account any other health conditions that may impact your dietary choices. In addition, your doctor can advise you on whether you need supplements of certain nutrients lost through certain prescribed medications you may be taking.

As for exercise, again, your own doctor is your best ally in choosing the type of exercise that will most benefit you. Walking on a daily basis is often helpful. Swimming is another good choice, in that this activity puts little stress on your joints.
In many ways, a healthful diet for arthritis is common sense. However, there are always those few caveats particular to each individual. Work with your doctor and you’ll enjoy life and reduced pain that much more!

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